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I'm what's known as a corvette cougar: I like it fast, flashy, and expensive. After my husband took off with the babysitter, I decided to finally find what I'd always wanted for years. No more receding hairlines and viagra. has the real deal with real stamina. As far as I'm concerned, this is the #1 cougar dating site, or even the best online dating spot ANYWHERE. There are so many beautiful young men in my city, I wish I'd have hired a hot babysitter ten years earlier.

41, NYC


There's nothing I won't do for a pretty lady - especially a ball-busting cougar. I love nothing more than to be bossed around by a sexy, older woman. I've had every fantasy fulfilled since joining, but I still can't get enough. I love older women and what they do to my body. I like to wine them, dine them, and you get the picture. I'll do anything for an attractive woman, including exercise more, cook dinner, drive her wherever she wants, and dress however she wants. I'm all yours ladies!

21, Portland


Hey there ladies, I'm the cougar Casanova. I've been on this fine cougar dating site for over a year. I've been on plenty of dates, but I'm still looking for the woman who can make my heart beat faster and my stomach flutter. I'm ready to settle down with my queen. I'm open to divorcees, including ones with kids. Some of my favorite women from Milftastic are great mothers. I feel inspired every day by the women I talk to, and I can't wait to meet even more.

24, Atlanta

minxy_milf is my favorite online dating site just for cougars. I used to try and meet men the old fashioned way, but those days are OVER. Never married, I always thought I'd be able to find a guy whenever I wanted. Then my 40s hit and suddenly it was harder to find what I wanted. At first I was embarrassed to try a cougar dating site, but not anymore! I had NO IDEA that so many sexy guys actually LUST for women my age. I'm having more sex than I did in my 20s!

44, Los Angeles


I thought when I got married that my dating days were over. Of course, that was THEN - and now we all know better. Am I right, ladies? I didn't want to become a cougar. Heck, I didn't even know what a cougar WAS when I re-entered the dating game. At first I was offended by the thought of "cougar dating" until I found out there's this whole section of sexy, young guys that love older women. I AM IN HEAVEN! Makes my measly divorce settlement easier to swallow!

ilikethewayumove is THE BEST COUGAR DATING SITE! My friends used to laugh at me for being a mummy chaser, until I started bringing out my sexy older girlfriends. The women on here are top-notch. I've never gone on a single bad date. It's a nice spectrum, too. All of the women are direct about what they do and don't want. Some just want to hook up with a boy toy, and others want real relationships. I'm learning so much about love and sex. This is the most fun I've had with online dating.


Me and my bros are cougar hunters. We've joined every site under the sun and moon, but is the best cougar dating site. How could a site called "milftastic" not be the best place to find hot, older women? I've been a member for a year. I'm not looking for too much romance, I just like hooking up with sexy moms, horny housewives, and women who've got some mileage on them. I strongly recommend downloading to your phone and using it to hook up with people close to you. It's really easy.

Meet Sexy Local Cubs On The Hottest Online Dating Site

If you're looking to date younger men through online dating, you can find the sexiest local cubs on the award-winning cougar dating site - MILFTASTIC.COM! Many leading women's magazines tout Milftastic as the "shining beacon of light at the end of the cougar tunnel!" If you've tried meeting men who are into dating older women, but haven't had any luck so far with online dating - don't lose hope!

If You Haven't Seen The Results You Want From Online Dating, We Have The Solution!

In this day and age, everyone has tried dating in some form or another. It's mainstream, it's hip, it's how everyone meets their significant other or short-term lovers. So how come you haven't found the type of guys you're looking for, when it seems like everyone else can?

In a recent survey conducted by top women's magazines, the main problem for women over 40 looking to date is that they were using general online dating sites. In order to yield the results you want, you have to use specific sites and apps designed for cougar dating.

This is where excels, and surpasses the competition, bar none. We address the specific issue of connecting older women, also known as "cougars," to younger men. Not all younger men want to date mature women, so you have to know exactly where to look. Our site only allows men to join who want to date, hook up with, or begin relationships with mature women. There are no younger women to compete with on Milftastic.

Our features are streamlined for ease-of-use and registration, and we have bells and whistles that generic dating sites don't have. These features enhance your experience, and cater to your needs. If you're looking for convenient hookups near your work or home, you can try our GPS cub-locator! If you want to "meet" the guy you're interested in before you actually meet, you can try out our video chat features.

If you're still not convinced about the benefits of joining a cougar dating site, keep reading to find out just how popular this trend has become.

Cute Local Cubs Are Waiting!

Cougar Dating Sites Are The Hottest Online Dating Trend

If you've tried to pick up guys at the bar or used one of those speed dating services, you've probably noticed that it's a ghost town. Everyone uses online dating now to meet, connect, hook up with other people. "That's great! But how does that help me?" you might find yourself asking. MILFTASTIC is here to show you how it's done.

Generic Online Dating Is Passe, Niche Dating Is Exploding

It's a sad fact that everyone is either divorced or thinking about divorcing. Women no longer have to suffer through marriages while their husband cheats with 20-year-olds. Gone are the days that it was "taboo" for mature women to hook up with younger guys. In the last three years, cougar to cub dating has risen over 80%.

How do we know this? Because millions of cougars and cubs join our online dating site every year. We've grown to become the largest community for cougars seeking cubs.

Take Jamie-Lynn, aged 47, who was left for a younger woman, penniless, and couldn't find a single guy her own age. All of the men she knew in their 40s or 50s were married, many on their second marriage! She figured she'd never date again, until one day a 20-something-year-old stud hit on her. Then it occurred to her - younger men are a viable dating option.

Jamie-Lynn joined two years ago as a member. She started casually seeing half a dozen men, ranging in age from 23 to 30. She couldn't believe how much easier it was and how much better the sex was. It completely changed Jamie-Lynn's life and perspective. Now she writes an advice column for several women's magazines about the joys of cougar dating, and is engaged to a hunky, 26-year-old photographer.

For the amount of time that it takes to actually sign up for a cougar dating site, it's such a low-risk, low-investment move on your part - that it's worth a shot. Imagine if Jamie-Lynn had never believed in herself enough to try it out? You have nothing to lose by setting aside five minutes to register and create a profile. Browse local hotties and see what's out there!

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Unsure of whether or not online dating is for you? Try out our trial promo at MILFTASTIC.COM just for women! We're the leading cougar dating site, so we want to show our appreciation by rewarding all of the hard-working women with a break on membership! This is a limited time offer, but the membership lasts a lifetime! Although, by our statistics you won't need it nearly that long!

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If you've seen other mature women with hot guys on their arms and you're interested in trying out some cubs, start browsing guys in your area in minutes! The hardest action to take in dating is the first action, even though it's super easy. Once you're a member, everything becomes super simple and super easy.

There's nothing to be scared of. Millions of mature women date younger guys and millions of attractive young men and mature women meet through!. Since online dating has become the most popular way for people to connect all over the world, you're simply catching up with the rest of the world. It's about time you do what you want and get what you want. Young men all over your city, state, and country and dreaming of experienced women. If you're an older woman looking for a younger man, then you came to the right place.

Studies show that by 2020, as many cougars will be dating younger men as there are older men dating younger women. Why wait for the trend to peak? Get it on the action now while there's still some selection of young blood!

Are you a wealthy lady who wants to spoil her boy toy rotten?

We have a specific membership area just for you: Sugar Mommas Looking For Sugar Babies. You can live the same lifestyle as famous women. Don't be boxed in by age, live your life to its fullest hookup potential!

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