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There's nothing I love more than showing up all of my same-aged male friends. They think THEY have arm candy, but they've got nothing on me and the sexy boys I meet on Why should guys be the only ones having fun? I love nothing more than cherry-picking a guy off this site and giving him the full treatment: vacations, dinners, new clothes, and the wildest sex he's ever had! This is the perfect place for guys seeking mature women, and the perfect place for mature women looking for a boy toy!

48, Fort Worth


I've got no problem letting women be in charge if they're rich women! I used to hate dating and going on dates, cuz I always used up all my money buying drinks and then never getting laid. Those days are over since joining Milftastic. Not only do I get treated like a prince, but I get sex whenever I want it. Did you know women's sex drives spike over 40? It's science, brother. If you want hot sex, hooking up with mature women on is the only way to go.

25, Memphis

Great Support

Want to know what I love about being a sugar momma? Everything! The only thing that used to be missing was my sugar baby. I had friends with hot, young pieces but they'd always give me some made-up answer about how they met. Then I discovered that one of them was using I joined the next day, and I've been a member for 6 months. There are literally thousands of people on here from my city. Who knew rich, mature women were in such high demand? Say hi, boys!

53, Santa Clara


This place is like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory up in here, but instead of oompa-loompas and candy it's all milfs, cougars, and sugar mamas! It's so crazy, like, every woman I message writes me back. I've gone on so many fancy dates, and the best part is - if they don't like what you're wearing, they buy you something new! Just let it happen. Let the mature women ways wash over you. Don't fight it, it feels so good. Thanks,, you've shown me the light!

25, Kansas City


I love young guys and I cannot lie! I joined last month, and I'm having a great time so far. I'm still looking for the perfect guy to shower with gifts and sex, but in the mean time I'm enjoying going on cruises, dinners, and vacations with good-looking 20-something-year-olds. My husband never had the energy to get it on, so this new way of life I've adopted has been great for my confidence. If you love mature women who love to spend money, give me a shout!


I used to be so hot back in the day. Boys would do anything just for a kiss. Then I got married, had kids, and my husband left me. It's taken me a while to find my way back to the sexy girl I used to be, but now I'm rearing to go. I use the Milftastic app every day, and I'm on the hunt for young men looking for mature women. I'm experienced in ways that you can't even imagine. I'm having a great time, but I can always meet someone new ;)


Check it out, I joined 2 weeks ago and got on their featured page. I get crazy messages EVERY DAY, and I do crazy video chats with all these horny housewives. They are HUNGRY FOR YOUNG DUDES UP IN HERE! I've met up with a few mature women, and each one is crazier and richer than the last. Crazy in the head means crazy in bed! I had sex in a hot tub last week while drinking $500 champagne. THIS IS THE LIFE!!! See you next week when I come up for air!

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