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Catch A Sugar Baby In 3 Easy Steps On Milftastic!


MILFTASTIC has been great. I've met lots of sexy, older women. I was reluctant to call myself a sugar baby, but now I've had the experience of dating several sugar mommas - I'm all over it. It feels amazing to have the roles reversed. I've always been more attracted to older women, but who knew there were so many benefits! It's incredible to date a woman with a job, money, and sophistication. I feel like a celebrity every time I step out the door with these great women.

26, San Jose


I can be your sugar baby, sugar mama! I'm the milfinator! I love older women. Give me an 80-year-old, I don't care. Ultimately, I am looking for a relationship, but in the mean time I'm having a blast on! I get lots of sex, lots of dinner, and lots of good times. I've been learning about wine, and how to dress properly. I enjoy how easy this dating site is to use, and how top-notch the app is. It's uncomplicated and lots of the features are better than other sites'.

27, Minneapolis


I've always been interested in younger guys, but it wasn't until I left my husband that I decided to act on it. is the first place that I joined, and it's the one I've stuck with. It's yielded great success for me, and I'm really happy with the results. The best part is, I enjoy being the one in control for a change. I set the pace, I pick the place, and I win the race! I recommend this to any woman over 40 feeling bored or needing to get her groove back.

49, Bangor


I married my high school sweetheart and missed out on sowing my oats and experimenting. After we decided to part ways last year, I was at a stand still. I didn't know who I was. When I decided to rejoin the dating world, I realized I didn't want to fall back into the same trap. So I became a sugar momma! Being the one in charge has really empowered me. This place is a sugar baby breeding ground! I'm really dumb with tech, and this site is easy to use.

53, Sacramento


I love how I'm treated when I date a sugar momma. Younger girls can be really annoying and disrespectful, but I feel like I'm listened to and treated with respect by these beautiful, mature women. Some of my friends gave me shit, until they saw me out with my hot lady at a fancy restaurant. Now all of them have joined, cuz they want to be sugar babies too. Older women is where it's at, so is! This is way better than other dating sites, way more members.


After my divorce settlement, I was blowing my money on clothes and jewelry. Then I found out about and decided my money could be better spent going on dates and actually having fun! While all my girlfriends are chasing after their kids and dieting, I'm living it up with boy toys and sugar babies. I'm finally living the glamorous life that I DESERVE. If you think you deserve it too, I strongly recommend Milftastic. There are TONS of guys on here - and they're better looking than other dating sites! LOL.


Mature women are like finished works of art. I love to enjoy and appreciate them from all angles. My sugar momma may be the bread winner, but I bring passion, youth, and a deep spiritual connection. I met her on last year. It's been a thrilling journey for both of us. We practice tantric sex and incorporate the sensualities of food, travel, and yoga. We should probably spend less time in bed, but who cares! I recommend this site for men looking for older women.

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It's not easy to navigate the dating game, and it's even harder to figure out when you've been out of the running for a while. It seems like every time you turn around the rules have changed and so have people's expectations and needs. It's next to impossible to find the right person anymore just through blind dates and socializing. 90% of people prefer to choose potential hookups and relationship partners online. For women, this is the most ideal scenario.

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How To Meet And Date A Sugar Baby Successfully

Awesome, you've just become a member with MILFTASTIC, but now what? After you've created a basic profile with a photo and a blurb about yourself and what you're looking for, you can start browsing, favoriting, and messaging sexy sugar babies!

How To Meet Up And Get Your Own Sugar Baby's entire browsing and messaging system is designed to help sugar mamas, milfs, and cougars find exactly what they're looking for. When you begin browsing you can search guys based on any kind of preference you want. There are millions of sexy, young guys in your area looking for mature women to hook up with and date.

Tips For Bagging Your Own Sugar Baby

If you're new to the dating game because you're recently out of a relationship, or you've decided you're done with men your own age and are ready to start having some fun, follow these tips to make you the hottest sugar momma in your area:

1. The more you use, the higher your rank on the site or app : When you log in, browse other members' profiles, or message - you increase your visibility on the site. Of course, we value discretion and privacy - so you are always welcome to put your settings to invisible until you feel comfortable! When you become a new member, your ranking jumps to the top, and all of the available guys hoping to be your sugar baby will see you in their feed! To stay in everyone's feed, just use the site every day!

2. Be specific and friendly on your profile: While you're welcome to write whatever you want, the more specific you are about what you're looking for and the more approachable you seem - the more interest and messages you'll receive. You can post any kind of photos you want, but remember people are most attracted to profiles that exhibit flattering close-ups and full-body shots. Remember, these guys are on because these young guys love older women.

3. Use Our Sugar Baby App On Your Mobile To Increase Your Odds: When you use the Milftastic app you can connect with sexy, local guys based on their proximity to you! Message on-the-go and meet up with guys that you're chatting with or new ones! It's easy to do as long as you have a wireless or data connection, and you never have to give out your phone number.

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